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It's all about standards

'Sustainability' [noun] is the management and protection of the Earth and its natural resources to support present and future generations.

For us, this means doing our bit to protect this planet for our children, Otis and Fred, and for the children and the generations that follow. This is a non-negotiable for us and an area that we absolutely will not compromise on.

Every time we sell a product through our business, we give back to the planet.

Doing Good

Starting our own business gave us the opportunity to do things in the right way, from the outset.

We know the impact that our business can have on the environment. That's why we are committed to mitigating any damage caused and hold ourselves to account. This way we constantly improve whilst driving positive change. That's why our first additional team members will focus on exactly that - sustainability and our impact on the environment.

From the first touch point (quite literally, when we hand out our business cards, made from recycled cotton) we felt it was important that our customers know this is more than just lip service. The lighting and refrigeration in our mobile cheese box is battery powered, rather than using a fuel-powered generator, and we have fitted a solar panel to our roof to charge as we go.

Every business, and every human, leaves a mark on the planet. We want to reduce our impact, making a positive step towards offsetting the damage caused.

Dairy farming and agriculture are widely accepted as one of the greatest contributors to climate change. We ensure that the suppliers we partner with are taking all the steps they can to operate in a sustainable way. Through our climate change mitigation efforts, we are contributing towards one of the greatest offset initiatives that we know of.


But we won't stop here and we will constantly challenge ourselves to do more.

Trees for cheese

Planting trees is one of the greatest tools that we have in removing carbon pollution from our atmosphere. We have chosen to partner with Ecologi, making it easy for us to take action and fight the climate crisis.

For every purchase of £10, we commit to planting a tree. This doesn't cost our customers anything, we pay for it from our profits. Please come and visit our Mascarpony Forest, where you can see all of the trees we have planted so far.

Planting a Tree
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