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Our Story

Making our passion, our business

We always wanted to start a business and we knew it would be connected with food. We were clear on what we wanted from it and how the business would look. We just needed to start.

Mascarpony is not just about cheese. We are about memories and moments shared. We are about time with family and friends. We are about personal connections and conversation.

Image by Duy Pham

Starting with a blank sheet of paper

We started this business with a blank sheet of paper and genuinely set out with just a few scribbles in a notebook.

The beauty of starting out from the beginning, is that you get to build exactly what you want, in the way that you want to.

We started out by jotting down what was most important to us - our business principles, if you like.

- The highest quality products, without compromise.

- Consideration to the planet and the impact we have.

- Exceptional service and customer experience.

By setting these principles, we always have something to come back to and to help guide us in the decisions we make.



Only the highest quality products will make it onto our product range.

We taste everything, we meet our suppliers (in person) and we get to know everything about the products before we decide to sell them on to others.

Image by Adrian Swancar


How our business operates and the impact we have on the environment will always be at the forefront of our minds. There is no excuse for not making this a consideration and it's truly at the heart of every decision we make.

Image by Hamza NOUASRIA


You can't force it and you can't fake it. The very reason we started this business is because we truly believe in what we're doing. We will not compromise our standards and we will always strive to supply excellent products and exceptional customer service.

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